001 → Feature Films

When The Phone Rang / 2024  ( RT: 75 minutes )
Through an intimate reconstruction of an important phone call, When The Phone Rang investigates dislocation and the nature of remembering. 
In the protagonist’s eleven year old mind this phone call erases her entire country, history and identity and hides its existence in books, 
films and memories of those born before 1995.

Aleph / 2021 ( RT: 91 minutes )
For Jorge Luis Borges,  Aleph is a mysterious portal (an opening) suspended in space and time that contains the entire universe. 
This film evolves as a dreamscape, structured as a splintered labyrinth in which ten characters weave together dreams - 
their collected thoughts serving as pieces of a puzzle that connect the labyrinth and lead to Aleph. 

Evaporating Borders / 2014  ( RT: 73 minutes )
Evaporating Borders is a lyrical essay set in Cyprus.
Through a series of vignettes, it poetically weaves themes of migration, tolerance, identity, and belonging.